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Customized Social Media Marketing Solutions

"Maximize Your Brand Reach with Social Media Marketing"

Dynamics of branding has quickly changed with the advent of social media. It is now possible to broadcast your brand message to a global audience with the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising mediums. Another advantage of social media marketing sector is that it is fast. You can simultaneously reach to millions of customers sitting in different parts of the world within seconds of publishing your content. It is easy to edit the content in case you want to update it. And the most considerable benefit is that social media provides you with some tools to measure the correct outcome of your branding activity.

The popularity of social media is increasing among businesses, and it is here to stay. A whopping 90% of marketers confirm that doing social media marketing has helped them in increasing exposure of their business, and of the 75% have seen the boost in traffic. With growing influence of social media, entrepreneurs must give as much importance to branding on social media channels as they give to traditional advertising mediums. As a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad and prominent social media marketing company in Rajkot, Purple Phase Communications can help you crack the social media code.

Social Media Marketing

ROI Driven Strategies to Optimize Social Media Marketing

There's more to social media marketing than making posts and getting likes & shares. To create impactful brand engagement and start real conversations, it is crucial to device a unique brand strategy for social media marketing. We devise a different plan for each social media channel, as each platform has its objectives and benefits. We conduct research to determine which platforms will be the most suitable for your business.

While the strategy of promoting a brand can be different, the key is to maintain the essence of the brand across all platforms. Hence, we make sure that your brand experience on social media channels is in alignment with what they see and feel at other brand touch points. It helps us in synergizing brand experience across the real world and digital world. This approach has earned the reputation as a brand-driven social media marketing company in Mumbai and result-oriented social media marketing company in Bangalore.

We have an experienced team who understands how to create impactful content for social media that drives engagement for your brand and profitability for your business. Along with the type of material, we also focus on factors like type of posts, average response time, resolving queries of customers, time of posting, etc. which are also very essential to excel the performance of your brand on social media. Also,In addition, this also helps in getting more organic likes on your brand page. Because social media is as much about creating impressions as much, it is about building relationships. For that customers need to show confidence and trust in your brand, which is only possible when they interact with your authentic brand identity.

Customized Social Media Marketing Solutions

As a notable social media marketing company in Mumbai and a renowned social media marketing company in Bangalore; we can help you achieve targeted objectives; using various social media channels, be it expanding footprint on digital media, creating engagement with customers, driving consistency in brand image, boosting traffic to website, promoting an event, or any other brand building activity of your choice. We engage with customers through various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

While social media is the best medium to reach to millennials, it is also useful for reaching a target audience of diverse other demographics with niche categorization according to gender, age, occupation, and interest.

What Keeps Wind in Our Sails

It is an uphill task to consistently remain a leading social media marketing company in Ahmedabad and a growing social media marketing company in Rajkot. A team with expertise in the fields of branding & social media marketing and our passion for leading the change have been at the core of fuelling our progress.

#1. Strategic Understanding

When social media was in its infancy years, its purpose was limited to socializing. Even though social media has evolved over the years, the central idea of interaction is still at the roots of every social media channel. Hence, we create content which helps your brand in building a community and engaging with customers.

#2. Technical Understanding

Managing the social media page of a brand is different than operating a personal social media page. Our expert know-how of various technical aspects such as boosting posts, social media ads, increasing reach & impressions, analyzing performance matrix, etc. gives us the edge to efficiently manage your brand page.

#3. Updating with Time

Like everything digital, social media keeps changing at breakneck pace. We hold ourselves updated with new trends, new hacks and new strategies to generate the maximum response, maximize returns on investment and keep your brand at the center conversations.

#4. 360 Degree Branding Experience

We have partnered with brands of different scales engaged in diverse industries. We have worked with B2B as well as B2C brands. This elegant experience accentuates our resourcefulness and repertoire to deliver dynamic social media marketing solutions personalized to clients needs.

If you are planning to hire an agency for social media marketing of your brand page then Purple Phase, a leading social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, can help you develop the right strategy. We have required capabilities and acquired expertise to take every challenge head-on.

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