7 ways to increase Instagram followers for free

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Posted on Jul 20, 2021

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Whether you have started a new business or you have an established business, for small and medium business looking to initiate brand conversations on Instagram, the hardest thing is to get initial followers. Getting those first 5K or 10K followers is an uphill task because to get followers, you need have a known brand, and to make your brand known, you need more followers. Here are 7 ways to break out of this loop.


1) Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Instagram Engagement Groups are DM groups. Members of such DM groups help one another by following page and liking, sharing, and commenting on one another’s content. There are DM groups for every business category, from beauty to fashion and technology to automobile, so join a DM group relevant to your business.


2) Add keywords in your username or name

You can add keywords in your username or profile name to make it easier for people to find your page. For example if you own a healthy desserts store with brand name Cravista, you can choose a user name like Cravista_HealthyDesserts or you can write in your profile name: Healthy Desserts. This way when someone searches for Healthy Desserts, chances of your brand name appearing in list increases.

3) Use hashtags wisely

Do research on which hashtags are most popular for your business category. Using right keywords in your hashtags will help people to find your content easily. Just like a page, many people follow hashtags on Instagram. It means using thoughtful keywords in your post can help you in showing your content to people beyond your list of followers.

4) Pin best comments at top

Many entrepreneurs are not aware that Instagram offers an interesting feature which allows them to pin up to 3 comments at the top for each post. This feature is very useful and helps you in showing the most attractive and engaging comments on each post first up, which might engage other people to comment or like your post and to follow your page.

5) Tag location

If you are sharing content which is location specific, do tag the location. It can be location of your business or even location of some event you have participated in. This way whenever someone will search location of your office or shop, or that particular event, all the content that’s getotagged to that location will show up. Hence geotagging your posts and stories will help your brand to reach more people.


6) Tag users

Tag users in your posts and stories who are connected to it. You can also tag someone who you think might find your content relevant. So for example when you are talking about an upcoming event, you can tag judges or sponsors. When you are posting testimonials, you can tag customer. When you tag users, your content shows up under the tagged tab in their profile. If users find your content interesting, they can easily re-share it to their story, increasing exposure to potential audiences.

7) Include Instagram post/profile link in blogs

Blogs are a good way to engage with your audience. If you already have a blog where you upload blog posts regularly, you can leverage it to get more people to your Instagram page. Embed content of your Instagram post organically in your blog post. People who are reading your blogs are already engaged and it increases chances of clicking on your Instagram page link.


Of course there are some basic things that you need to get right. Like having a content calendar, definite objective, marketing strategy, consistent communication tone and style, sharing content regularly, having thorough profile, etc. If you are doing this right, above tips will help you reap more rewards out of it.

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