Choosing the right logo design company for your business

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Posted on Nov 07, 2019

How to select good logo design company in India

Starting a new business can be a daunting task. There are number things to look into such as product/service development; arranging funds; setting up office and other infrastructure; recruiting and training sales, marketing and operations team and more. It’s so exhausting that you might oversight to emphasize on one of the most essential elements of business i.e. brand logo. And you cannot afford to miss out on it as your brand logo is your brand identity. A strong logo conveys your brand vision and distinguishes your brand from competitors. Therefore it becomes ever more crucial to select an apt agency to design logo. As a premier logo design company in Ahmedabad, we have sorted out some vital tips which can help you choose the right logo design company for your business.


Work speaks louder than words. Check website of the potential agencies you have selected. If their portfolio is not available on website, you can personally ask them to mail you their work. Their work will give an insight into their school of thought, their ideology of branding, creative process, experimental value and much more. This will help you decide whether they will be able to deliver the kind of work you are expecting.


There is no substitute for experience. One can learn a new skill in a short period of time, but experience is accumulated only over the years. An agency with experience can deliver a fresh perspective in terms of creativity. Their understanding of nitty-gritty involved in logo designing and technical expertise will ensure that your brand logo doesn’t just look right, but also convey a relevant message with impact.

Industry Know-how

You can type in Google logo design company in Gujarat or logo design agency in Ahmedabad, and it will deliver hundreds of results. A background check on their work and experience will filter out many options. The next filter you can apply is their knowledge, specifically pertaining to your industry. An agency with good portfolio in fashion and lifestyle may not be able to deliver apt logo for a B2B brand. That’s why choose an agency which has evident know-how of the industry you operate in.

Innovation & Functionality

What separates every prominent logo design agency in Gujarat from the rest is their ability to innovate and improve functionality simultaneously. While innovation incorporates freshness and adds to the distinction value of your brand logo, it should not come at the cost of functionality. The agency should be capable of creating a flexible logo that standouts across various offline and on screen platforms. Brand name should be readable clearly, and it should communicate an important aspect of your business.

Whether you are looking for logo design services in Ahmedabad, logo design services in Gujarat, or, for that matter, anywhere in India, Purple Phase Communications can help you. Connect with us at or visit our website for more information. 

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