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Posted on Jun 04, 2019

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In the course of running a business, often, there’s a small voice at the back of your head asking you a simple question, “Should I hire a branding agency?” or something like “why should I hire a branding agency and how will it help me?” Before figuring out if you really need to hire a professional branding agency, you must be able to understand how branding really affects your business.

For a lot of people, branding is just the logo design and a few other elements put here and there. But is that all one needs to know about branding?

It is important to understand that branding goes way beyond a logo or few advertisements and flyers. Simply put, a brand is the sum total of your company’s vision, mission, your values and the brand’s promise and how you communicate these all to your consumer. These are the elements that attract people to your brand.

You hire a CA for taking care of your finance, you hire production consultant to take care of your manufacturing set up, you create a team to take care of different aspects of business but when it comes to having a professional branding agency, you make compromises.

Here are 5 key reasons for you to hire a branding agency:

1)      Thorough Knowledge

Most of the times, businesses are too busy managing other important aspects of their working such as production, generating leads, managing clients and producing revenue. For them, branding comes last. Hiring an agency helps you handle all of your branding activities and relieves you of that responsibility. An agency knows the best way to develop and deliver your message and makes sure it gets conveyed properly. They help capture your audience’s attention and know the key to develop a successful brand without missing any unseen branding opportunity.


2)      Outsider perspective

Branding is something which requires a broad perspective, a big-picture view and an outsider’s insight. It isn’t something which can be done by an internal marketing team as it is nearly impossible for them to see an unbiased standpoint. A branding agency has the ability to do a 360-degree analysis of your organization from a third-party view. They will strive to create a purposeful and meaningful brand strategy as the core driver of your organization.


3)      Cross-Industry Experience

Most branding agencies have a strong experience of working across diverse industries. They bring years of these learning experiences and keep on fine-tuning them along the way. Hiring a freelance graphic designer won’t suffice your branding efforts. When you hire an agency, you also hire a team of talented and experienced professionals who work together to give you the best results. It’s only with these combined efforts that many brands are able to successfully differentiate themselves from others in the market.


4)      Social-media strategy

From people to brands everyone has been caught up in the social media wave. Do you think all the top brands manage their own social media profiles themselves? Even though social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube may seem simple from the outside, managing these platforms on a daily basis isn’t a piece of cake. Hiring an agency gives you the advantage to sit back and allow them to take the wheel of developing an all-engaging strategy for your social media andmanaging them at the same time.


5)      Value for your money

A branding agency has on board a group of talented and experienced professionals who can easily look after everything your company needs. Even if you’re a small company, with limited money to invest, an agency will make effective utilization of those resources and help use your money in a good place.


Final Thoughts

The importance of branding is uncanny. A branding agency is an invaluable partner and the value of the work done by a branding agency will remain long after your brand has been launched. Your brand is a reflection of all your efforts and the way your company is perceived by its customers. And so, it’s only fair to say that your brand is your company’s most important asset.For this reason, it’s crucial you partner with an expert. 

We are Purple Phase Communications, an Ahmedabad based brand consulting firm who have worked with various startups, SMEs and MNCs as well. Our expertise lies in creating strategies and integrated communications.Having an expert and experienced team of professionals on board, we offer creative solutions to all your branding needs. Since our inception, we have nurtured a lot of brands from diverse industries on both online and offline platform. If you wish to look at our work, visit our website www.purplephase.in or connect with us info.purplephase@gmail.com

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