Why Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?

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Posted on Feb 26, 2019


In usiness, branding is one of the most important things since ages. There are various tools of branding such as video, content, logo and so on, In this article, we will stick to logo design; so, have you ever asked yourself why logo design is so important to your organization? Well, before discussing it first things first…


“What is Logo Design?”

If you look around, you will find yourself surrounded with ample of brands, ample of logos. Some logos that you know since ages and some of them would be completely new for your eyes, but each logo represents some business in its own way. But have you ever wondered what is logo design?

The quickest answer would be that logo design is a unit of any brand using typography, colors and different shapes. Well, being a creative logo design company in Ahmedabad we believe, logo design is not just colors, typography and shapes, logo design is a strategic creation of brand identity using colors, typography and shapes.

Now coming to another important question…

“Why Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?”


A brand logo created with creative strokes & insightful strategies help you make a concrete space in people’s minds & hearts. As a well-versed logo design company in Sydney, we would like to answer this question with proper reasoning. 

 #1. First Impression Never has a Second Chance

In the age of ‘First impression is the last impression’, brand logo carries a huge responsibility to make that first impression everlasting. Logo reaches to your consumer even before your product does. It is the first communication from the brand’s end that people notice. It has the power to generate interest in public to know more about the company and to invite consumers to try the product or service at least once.

#2. Foundation of Brand Identity: Brand Logo

 A compatible logo is much more than terrific artistic skills. Find any logo design company in Melbourne or entire Australia, they would agree to the fact that logo is one of the most effective tools for marketing. A good logo communicates the brand message and values in a striking way. As any quality mark enhances the value of a product or service, brand logo on various marketing collaterals such as letterhead, visiting card, website and packaging amplifies their value.

#3. Logo Communicates Visually

Today advanced technology plays a vital role in logo designing but its origin dates back as early as 9000 BCE, when pictograms were the symbols representing concept, object, activity, place or event by illustration. And that interesting and convincing medium is still alive in its advanced form.

People instantly connect with graphics and colors, hence, logo being a visual, aesthetically pleasant element does a great job in creating space in your consumers’ hearts and minds.

#4. Conquering the Competition

Be it a logo design company in Sydney or a logo design company in Ahmedabad, in the process of creating a brand logo, everyone has learnt the fact that people can remember brand logos in a better way than brand names. Hence, logo design is an outstanding opportunity to gain edge over competition. For example, Burger King and McDonalds both serve burger but because of that extra ordinary ‘M’, McDonalds wins the race of better logo designing and hence, rules memory of the people.

#5. Fosters Brand Loyalty

Research states that, even when the content of two products is same or packaging of a non-branded product is better than the branded one, people tend to trust the brands they are familiar with. Brand logo printed on the product brings familiarity and the familiarity fosters brand loyalty.

These were few of the major points of why logo design is so important to your organization. But there is a catch. Logo design is a visual communication, so, no matter whether you get it designed by a logo design company in Melbourne or logo design company in Ahmedabad or from anywhere, it will add to obstacles of brand growth, if not done in a right way. So, to do it in a right way, ask these questions about your logo.

How to Know If Your Logo Is Apt?


#1. Is it unique?

The world is full of products, services, competition and brand logos. In this scenario grabbing the attention and retaining it is crucial for any brand. To gain advantage in such competitive scenario, your logo must be simple, striking and completely different from competitors.

#2. Is it target market oriented?

Do right things at right time. As not every logo communicates the same message, you need to understand your target audience, know their taste & preference, research what appeals to them and then you need to get a logo designed accordingly. For example, you cannot attract target audience of cardiac or gastroenterology hospital with a funky logo.

#3. Is it timeless?

When asked, professionals from creative fields would explain you that a contemporary communication will definitely create hype for a specific duration, but its effect will fade away after a certain point of time. Hence, create a timeless logo that has power to grab the attention of even future generations.

#4. Is it adaptable?

Over the time, your brand logo will grace the space on many different media such as hoarding, flyer, print ad, visiting card, desktop, mobile etc. Hence, the logo should be created in a way so that it can be placed in any form without losing its essence.

#5. Is it recognizable?

Mastery of simplicity is creativity. Make your logo unique yet recognizable. Your logo should communicate the industry, the business it represents. If your logo needs logo description or you need to explain your logo, it’s better to start it from the scratch.

So, the complex parameters of a great logo design are simplified now. But how to meet these parameters, how to create a great logo? Being a veteran logo design company in Melbourne, we would like to narrate essential components that form an extra ordinary logo.


Essential Components of Logo Design

#1. Logo Style

It requires versatile experience and expertise to create a logo that communicates the business. So, no matter whether you hire a logo design company in Sydney or Melbourne or New York, make sure they have an excellent understanding of the logo styles mentioned below.

  • Lettermark:
  • When a logo is formed by using initials or abbreviation of brand name, such logo is known as lettermark. When name of the company is long, lettermark is appropriate.
  • Wordmark:
  • When entire company name is used to form a logo, it is known as wordmark. In these kinds of logos, companies try to use fonts according to their industry and if required completely new fonts are created. Wordmark is considered as an effective tool to make people remember the brand name.
  • Brandmark:

When symbols can represent the business in a better way than name, symbols are used to create a logo. For example the logo of famous American multinational technology company, Apple.

Combination Mark:

When a brand name is not enough to explain the nature of the business, symbol completes the logo by communicating the message. One of the best examples of combination marks is Puma, where text shows name of the business and animal (symbol) symbolifies nature of the business.


Emblems are any shape that look like icon, stamp or badge in which brand’s name is mentioned. For example, BMW, Harley Davidson, Harvard University etc.


When abstract icon or shape is used to present identity of a brand, it is known as abstract logo. If done right, abstract logos are a great way to grab attention, generate curiosity and stay in people’s mind forever.


Mascots are great visuals. They trigger human emotions and increase trust in target audience. Mascots are generally seen in the brands that generate conversation. For example, pre-school brands, paediatric clinics, cafes etc. 

Each logo style has its own importance. Your logo style should be dependent on nature and target audience of the business.

#2. Fonts

Every day you read different advertisements, product description, hoardings, books, etc. But few write ups hold your attention; why so? Because those write ups are uniquely presented and they communicate the message with their curves, boldness and spacing of characters. When it comes to fonts, there are thousands of fonts that are bifurcated into the categories of serif, sans serif and decorative fonts. And when it comes to choosing the fonts, you need to keep comfort of your audience in mind. You cannot afford to overdo it hence, you can choose maximum 2 fonts to create logo.

#3. Colors

There are at least 10 million colors that our retina can differentiate. Interestingly, each color manifests differently on different platforms and each color has its own psychology. You need to choose colors that stimulate emotions, convey your brand message & don’t hamper readability.

These were the essential components that we keep in mind being a rational logo design company in Melbourne and across the globe.

We, Purple Phase Communications are known as a logo design company in Ahmedabad with unmatched creative and strategic expertise. Here are some our core strengths that give us competitive edge.

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We hope that this article is informative enough to know why logo design is so important to your organization and how colors, fonts and styles play a crucial role in brand awareness and loyalty. Now you are ready to get a great logo for your brand that turns the tables for you in the industry.

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